Eyebrows - Shadow/Solid Fill                  $295.00

Eyebrows done to perfection just the way you imagine them.  No more having to draw them on or fill them in.  Natural looking, exceptional style!

MicroBlading  Eyebrows    
$325 and up

‚ÄčBeautiful hair strokes that give a more natural appearance of  having individual hair instead of the solid fill.

Eyeliner (UPPER OR LOWER)    


Enjoy the convenience of walking up everyday with your eyeliner just the way you like it.  Whether you just wear it on your upper lids, or your lower, you can be confident that it will always look fantastic.

Eyeliner (UPPER & LOWER)         


Your eyes will look beautiful all day everyday with permanent eyeliner.  Choose the color you love and have it applied to perfection on all four lids, upper and lower.

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Lip Liner                            


With lip liner, we are able to create the illusion of larger lips, or just even up uneven lips.  Better still, it does not come off after a meal!  What more could a woman ask for!!

Full Lip Color                    


Beautiful lips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Just a touch of color, or vivid color, the choice is yours.  Many colors to choose from!